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The Brotonne Peninsula microbrewery

In the heart of the village of Mailleraye sur Seine in this small size structure
human, currently has a production capacity of 16,000 liters per year ...
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Cultures &
raw materials


We produce our own organic hops.

The first trials started 4 years ago were carried out with 50 plants and 8 varieties of hops. The new establishment of a hop plant with 400 plants will soon meet all the brewery's needs.

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Norman barley

We guarantee a supply of local barley and therefore 100% Normandy for the base malts.

We are currently carrying out malting tests on old barley with a view to cultivating them with a farmer over a larger area and ultimately offering a beer that will be the authentic emanation of a terroir.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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The making of our beers

A beer made exclusively from organic ingredients mainly from local production.
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